EBL Rechargeable AA Batteries 2800mAh 8 Pack Review

EBL Rechargeable AA Batteries 2800mAh 8 Pack









  • 2800mAh capacity that matches up to competitor rechargeable batteries
  • Comes with a battery charger that has 8 charging slots and can be used to recharge AA and AAA rechargeable batteries
  • battery charger features lights showing if a battery is still charging or is fully charged


  • Battery efficiency does wane when discharged at a higher mA rating; I will report back with an updated efficiency
(Last Updated On: February 21, 2023)

Here at Charger Harbor, I’ve reviewed a ton of power banks, and as you probably know, portable chargers are some of the best chargers to own. However, there is something that can be more reliable and useful than a portable charger: rechargeable batteries that you put into appliances. Most consumers are too focused on buying single-use AA or AAA batteries, which is a waste of money and bad for the environment.

In this review, I’m looking at these EBL rechargeable AA batteries with 2800mAh capacity. Specifically, I’m reviewing the 8 Pack AA batteries with the charger. I’ve been using these batteries for a few weeks now, and I have to say that it makes a lot more sense to get these rather than single-use ones. Of course, certain batteries perform differently for different appliances, but with them being rechargeable, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Power Capacity

The battery capacity of each of these EBL batteries is 2800mAh, and that is probably the highest that you’re going to find with most other AA batteries that are rechargeable as well. Even Duracell rechargeable batteries have a 2500mAh capacity, so these EBL batteries are doing well.

How to Use these Batteries?

Well, since these are AA batteries, you can use them with nearly any device that requires AA batties to be powered. Toys, remotes, videogame controllers, clocks, and many other devices work great with these batteries. I used these batteries with an Xbox wireless controller, and two batteries have lasted a few weeks for moderate gaming time. The best thing is to swap out the batteries for fully charged ones and immediately recharge the empty ones. It does feel good not having to throw batteries in the trash.

How Recharging the Batteries Work

Included in the box with the batteries is the battery charger with eight slots that can fit AA or AAA-sized batteries. The best part about this battery charger is that they are compatible with EBL Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. However, you can also use other brand rechargeable batteries that are also Ni-MH or Ni-CD, and they will still recharge from this battery charger.

Regarding recharging these EBL AA batteries from 0% to 100%, the included battery charger can get them back to full power within 6 hours. Something important to know is that the battery charger has a 5V/2.0A (10W) max input, so you should use a 10W USB-A port with the charger to get the fastest recharging speed for the batteries.

The accessibility of recharging these batteries is also great because you can use a wall charger or even a power bank to recharge them. After all, the battery charger uses a Micro-USB input port to be powered from. Also, the charger has LED lights above each battery slot; a red light means the battery is still recharging, while a green light means the battery is fully charged. Some batteries may recharge to full power sooner than others, so it’s very helpful to know which battery is fully charged and which one is not.

Battery Efficiency

I ran two battery capacity tests using a separate charger; the charger only allows testing up to four batteries simultaneously. For my first test, I had the discharge rate set to 500mA, which is pretty high. With that, I averaged about a 1926mAh capacity from the batteries, which is low and was about 68% efficiency from these batteries. That said, a high discharge rate would naturally result in lower efficiency, so I ran another battery capacity test with EBL batteries having a 200mA discharge rate. This time, the EBL batteries scored about 90% efficiency, which is much better.

Build Quality

I honestly can’t say much about the build quality of these batteries because they’re just batteries. The average consumer won’t know the build quality difference between these EBL batteries Vs. Duracell ones, and it’s something I didn’t take into consideration. As long as these recharge well and are functional, they’re good in my book. On a side note, these batteries feel like any other AA battery brand.


If you want a low-cost and reliable way to use AA or AAA batteries, I recommend these EBL batteries that come with their charger. I’m not sure how these will fair for long-term usage, but it beats buying a pack of single-use batteries and throwing them away after they’re fully depleted.

EBL Rechargeable AA Batteries 2800mAh 8 Pack and 8-Bay AA AAA Individual Rechargeable Battery Charger with 5V 2A USB Fast Charging Function
  • Batteries - ProCyco technology - 1200 Tech, ProCyco (Professional recycle) helps maximize its best power performance while charging.【ATTENTION】: Fit for 2.0A adapter only, DO NOT use 1.0A adapter.
  • Low self-discharge - Embedded seal structure expand the space of crystal lattice, make more room for hydrogen, so EBL batteries will holds 80% power after 3 years benefit from its concentration to low self-discharge project.【ATTENTION】: Fit for 2.0A adapter only, DO NOT use 1.0A adapter.
  • Independent Battery Charger - Charge any number of AA AAA rechargeable batteries without combination to make your charging easier.【ATTENTION】: Fit for 2.0A adapter only, DO NOT use 1.0A adapter.
  • USB Input Design - USB Input with multiple Charging Options, is suitable for all kinds of 5V 2A Power supply, like power bank, adapter,【NOTE: Fit for 2.0A adapter only, DO NOT use 1.0A adapter】easy for daily use, more convenient.
  • Battery storage case - Batteries are packed with battery storage case, easy to storage batteries, very convenient for taking and travelling.【ATTENTION】: Fit for 2.0A adapter only, DO NOT use 1.0A adapter.
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