Review: Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000

Anker PowerCore Fusion









  • 2 Charging Ports
  • Built-In AC Adapter for recharging and to be used as a USB wall charger
  • Very small size


  • Power Capacity is only good for Smartphones
(Last Updated On: October 6, 2020)

The goal of power banks is to become the best portable power source, and that is one of the main reasons that power banks are one of the best charging electronics today.

Since it’s charging power that you can take anywhere, every other charging electronic out there is going to have you chained down to just a charging cable.

However, power banks come in different sizes, and categories and each of them bring innovation to how the power banks can be useful. With that said, the main thing for a power bank is having the ability to be a lot of things while still holding power and portability.

That’s what Anker has achieved with this Anker PowerCore Fusion. It’s a USB wall charger as well as a power bank.

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Power Capacity:

This Anker PowerCore Fusion has a power capacity of 5,000mAh. You’re going to be getting a pretty average conversion during charging with a 70% conversion of its initial power capacity. With that, you’re going to be able to get a 3,500mAh power capacity to use with the devices that you charge.

Anker PowerCore Fusion for Smartphones

So this means that this power bank is most useful for charging smartphones because most smartphones have a power capacity that is as high as the Output power capacity or near it.

This isn’t a bad thing though since high capacity smartphones like a Galaxy S7 are going to be able to charge to its full power once, and for a large capacity smartphone that’s a lot. For smaller capacity smartphones like a normal iPhone 6 will be able to get about 2 full charges.

That’s the purpose of this power bank in the first place, which is to be used by smartphones.

Anker PowerCore Fusion
(Output Power Capacity = 3,500mAh)
Phone CapacityAnker PowerCore Fusion Left Over Capacity after One Charge

# of Full Charges for the Device
iPhone SE3,500mAh 1,624mAh1,876mAh Left Over

2.1 Full Charges
iPhone 63,500mAh 1,810mAh1,690mAh Left Over

1.9 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus3,500mAh 2,915mAh585mAh Left Over

1.2 Full Charges
iPhone 6s3,500mAh 1,715mAh1,785mAh Left Over

2.0 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus3,500mAh 2,750mAh750mAh Left Over

1.2 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S63,500mAh 2,550mAh950mAh Left Over

1.3 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge3,500mAh 2,600mAh900mAh Left Over

1.3 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S73,500mAh 3,000mAh500mAh Left Over

1.1 Full Charges
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge3,500mAh 3,600mAh0mAh Left Over

You need 100mAh more power capacity for a Full Recharge
Apple iPad Mini 23,500mAh 6,470mAh0mAh Left Over

You need 2,970mAh more power capacity for a Full Recharge
Apple iPad Mini 43,600mAh5,124mAh0mAh Left Over

You need 1,624mAh more power capacity for a Full Recharge

Not Really for Tablets

Using the Anker PowerCore Fusion with larger devices like tablets isn’t going to bode well since not even this power bank can charge Mini tablets to their full power.

Output Charging:

There are two USB ports on the PowerCore Fusion.

When you have the PowerCore Fusion plugged into an AC Outlet

The Anker PowerCore Fusion can plug into an AC Outlet because it has a built-in AC adapter.

However when you plug the power bank into an AC Outlet, the charging speeds of the ports go down and this is mainly done so the power bank doesn’t damage itself with overheating since when you plug the power bank in an AC Outlet, it’s recharging and that is called Pass-Through charging. As you can use the power bank and recharge it at the same time.

So while the power bank is plugged in, the charging speed of each port is 5V/2.1A.

PowerCore Fusion by Itself

When the PowerCore Fusion is being used as a power bank, then each of the ports can Output 5V/3.0A.

That’s a very fast charging speed as most smartphones are going to be able to charge at their max charging speeds.

Additionally, a 3 Amp charging speed is going to be able to charge USB-C compatible devices near their max charging speeds, but it’s important to know that USB-C compatible devices are only able to charge at their max speeds when you’re using a USB-C to USB-C connection.

This power banks and other Anker power banks like this Anker PowerCore II are taking the first steps to make 5V/3.0A charging speeds a standard on power banks now.

Input Charging:

There are two ways to recharge the PowerCore Fusion. You can use the AC Adapter by plugging the power bank into an AC Outlet, or you can use the Micro-USB Input port.

Recharging Using the AC Adapter

The charging speed of the AC Adapter is 100-240V~0.5A 50-60Hz, however, it’s important to know that if you’re charging your smartphone while the power bank is plugged into an AC Outlet, that charging your smartphone is the priority and recharging of the power bank happens after your smartphone or other device is fully charged.

Recharging using the Micro-USB Input Port

The Micro-USB input port has a max recharge rate of 5V/2.0A. So you should use a 2 Amp wall charger or higher to get the fastest recharge speed. Either way, using both recharging methods will result in the same recharge time of 3-4 hours.

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Size and Weight:

It’s a very small and lightweight power bank. Or is it a USB wall charger?

It has a length and width of 2.8 inches and the thickness of the fusion is 1.2 inches. Very small, although the thickness is quite large and might make it difficult to place into a pocket.

It weighs 6.7 ounces, so it’s very lightweight and when you couple that with its very small size, then this power bank can easily be held in a single hand.

Functional Components:

It’s as easy to use as it’s easy to hold.

On the front-facing side is where there are 2 USB ports and the Micro-USB Input port. On the side of the power bank is where there’s the power button, and 3 Blue LED power capacity indicators.

Lastly on the other end of the power bank is the AC Adapter that can fold in and out of the power bank. This is very convenient because when you fold the AC Adapter in, all the sides are even and the PowerCore fusion practically becomes a square.

Charging automatically starts when you plug a device into the power bank to recharge, and that leaves the power bank with the ability to check the power capacity left.


Structure and Material:

Even though the PowerCore fusion is made of plastic, it’s built very well with none of its parts being loose or poorly placed. With that said, don’t go dropping it because it will get damaged, but in a constant use kind of way this power bank is very strong.


The Anker PowerCore Fusion makes use of Anker’s Multi Safe Protection System that can keep charging safe for you and your devices. Best of all, it’s great that charging speed decreases when the power bank is plugged into an AC Outlet so the power bank doesn’t overheat and damage itself during charging.


This is a Mini power bank because it has a 5,000mAh power capacity that can charge most smartphones one single time. So you’re not getting this power bank for long-lasting power capacity.

However, the reliance is on the double feature that it has. Since you can use this as a USB wall charger, have the power bank fully charged, and then disconnect it. Once disconnected, the USB wall charger becomes a portable charger that can practically be taken anywhere and offers fast charging.

The main reason this power bank has 2 USB ports is that it’s a USB wall charger and is basically like the Anker’s PowerPort 2. Having the 2nd port in power bank mode is just a plus.

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It’s a USB wall charger and power bank in one. The power capacity is only going to be able to charge smartphones to their full power at least once or twice. The charging speed is lower when the power bank is plugged into a USB wall charger and speeds are faster when it’s in power bank form.


The size is very compact with the power bank being a small square and very lightweight.


There aren’t any reinforcements to save the power bank from a fall but it’s still a solid power bank.


This is not only a reliable power bank, but it’s also a reliable wall charger as you can use it while you’re stationary and keep the charging going while you’re on-the-go.

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Specs of the Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000:

  • Power Capacity: 5,000mAh
  • Output: 

Used as a USB Wall Charger: Each Port Outputs 5V/2.1A

Used as a Power Bank: Each Port Outputs 5V/3.0A

  • Input:    Via AC Adapter: 100-240V~0.5A 50-60Hz        Via Micro-USB Input Port: 5V/2.0A
  • LED Power Indicators: 3 LED Dotted Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 6.7 Ounces


Power banks like these are very helpful because they combine two of the most helpful and use charging technologies. Something as limited as wall charging can become very free by becoming a power bank.

Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000, Portable Charger 5000mAh 2-in-1 with Dual USB Wall Charger, Foldable AC Plug and PowerIQ, Battery Pack for iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung Galaxy, and More
  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 50 million+ powered by America's leading USB charging brand.
  • The Ultimate 2-in-1 Charger: A hybrid high-capacity portable battery and dual-port wall charger in one sleek package.
  • High-Speed Charging: In the wall or on-the-go, Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies ensure that all devices receive their fastest possible charge. Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge.
  • Charge-and-Go: Charge your device and PowerCore Fusion’s internal battery via a wall outlet, then take it with you for up to 3 phone charges—any place, any time. Boasts a foldable plug to ensure maximum portability.
  • What You Get: PowerCore Fusion 5000, 2ft micro USB cable, travel pouch, welcome guide, our 18-month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.