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Review: Aukey PowerHub XL with 12 Outlet and 6 USB Ports

Aukey PowerHub XL with 12 Outlet and 6 USB Ports











  • Has 6 Built-in USB Ports for charging
  • 12 AC Outlets
  • Each USB Port is able to Output 5V/2.4A speeds with a Max Output of 6A
  • Form factor is very convenient to use

There are lots of innovations that have been happening lately with power strips and the main reason for that is because power strips are appliances that do very well with the upgrades that they are given.

As having a power strip is already useful in general because it has lots of AC Outlets so you can power lots of appliances at once, however, it goes even further than that with the main innovation that power strips have is the usage of USB ports so you can now charge your smartphones and tablets directly on the power strip itself.

There are even newer power strips that are using Type-C ports and those are used for those that own USB-C compatible devices.

In this review, we’re looking at the PowerHub XL power strip that has a tower form factor and it uses lots of USB ports so that it can charge lots of USB chargeable devices at once. The type of form factor that it has is has proven to be quite useful for consumers so let’s see what it has in detail.


USB Ports:

There are 6 USB ports on this power strip and each of them has a charging speed of 5V/2.4A.

A 2.4A charging speed is able to charge most devices at their max charging speeds, that said, none of the USB ports feature Quick Charge and so they won’t be able to charge Quick Charge compatible devices at their max charging speeds.

On the bright side, a charging speed of 5V/2.4A basically comes before Quick Charge and so tablets such as an iPad can charge at its max charging speed with these USB ports because an iPad has a max charge rate of 2.4A.

The max Output of the USB port portion of the power strip is 6 Amps, and so if you’re using all 6 USB ports at once with the 6 Amp Max Output being reached then each of the ports will output 5V/1.0A charging speed.

However, even though each of the ports will most likely give a slow charging speed if you’re charging 6 devices at once, that is still amazing because 1 Amp is still good enough.

It’s just that it’s best to avoid charging 6 devices at once with the USB ports, and it’s best to stick to charging 3-4 devices at once. Since charging 3 devices at once with the Max Output of 6 Amps being reached will result in each of the ports outputting 5V/2.0A charging speed which is quite fast for most devices out on the market to charge it.

AC Outlets:

The max power of the AC Outlet portion of the Power Strip is 1875Watts and this is basically standard with many Power strips.

Overall, you’re not going to have any problems powering anything with it and you can use your blender, coffee maker and any other appliance that you can think of with this power strip.

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Size and Weight:

The form factor of the power strip is the main thing that will stand out too and it’s also the most useful part of it as well.

It has a length of 6.8 inches and a width of 4.6 inches. The weight of the PowerHub XL is 1.9 pounds. So it’s very small and just a little on the heavy side. The length of the power cord is 5 feet long.

Functional Components:

The tower design of this Aukey PowerHub XL is really useful to have because it has two sides where there are 3 AC Outlets lined up and then in between the two rows of the AC Outlets there are 6 USB ports that are lined up horizontally.

At the top of the power strip is where there’s a Green circular indicator that shows that the power strip has been activated. Also at the top is where there’s a power button that you can press to turn the PowerHub XL On and Off when you’re not using it, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of unplugging it.


Structure and Material:

It has a solid build quality that is all made of plastic but the power strips hold strong together without any loose pieces at all. All of the components feel high quality when you use them and this is true for both the USB ports and also the AC Outlets.


The tech of the power strip is really good too because it can turn off automatically once its max power output is exceeded and that way, you and your devices are kept safe at all times.


It’s a great power strip to own because of its use of so many USB ports, and its form factor. The PowerHub XL basically has a 6 port USB wall charger that’s built right into it and that makes it able to charge 6 devices at once.

Also, the way that the power strip is shaped makes it so that all the components are easy to access.

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There’s really no shortage of power as there are 6 USB ports and each of them has a charging speed of 5V/2.4A.

The main thing to know is that you should probably use 3-4 USB ports at once so the Max OUtput of 6 Amps doesn’t split up too much. Also, the AC Outlet portion is able to give out lots of power.


The design of this power strip is its best part because of its vertical form factor and ease of use to access the functional parts that it has.


It has a great build quality that has all of its parts close together and the components are all high quality too.


The use of AC Outlets is normal, however, the usage of 6 USB ports and each of them having a charging speed of 5V/2.4A blows the reliability of this PowerHub XL out of the water.

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Specs of the Aukey PowerHub XL with 12 Outlet and 6 USB Ports:

  • Output:

AC Outlets: 1875W

USB Ports: Each Port: 5V/2.4A | Max Output: 6A

  • Input:

AC Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz

  • Type-C: No
  • LED Power Indicator: Has a Power Switch Indicator
  • Size: 6.8 x 4.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 Pounds


This Aukey PowerHub XL is a very awesome power strip that you should give a try because of its form factor and its use of 6 powerful USB ports.