Review: iClever 45W USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger

iClever 45W USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger











  • The single USB-C Port has a 45W output
  • It's a very small wall charger with a retractable AC adapter


  • This charger only has a single USB-C Port on it, and no other port.

One of the fastest growing charging and connectivity standard is USB-C. The USB-C port is being used with many devices, as new Andriod smartphones that are being released are automatically expected to be using USB-C. For an Android smartphone to still be using Micro-USB is quite a large flaw, unless it’s a budget smartphone. It doesn’t just stop there though, because now there are tablets and laptops that now use USB-C. Which means that USB-C is very well becoming a standard for not only smartphones but for most of the portable devices that we use.

Along with the USB-C standard, there are also Power Delivery USB-C compatible devices. Power Delivery is the reason that larger devices such as tablets and laptops are able to use USB-C. As it’s able to offer more charging power. One problem when it comes to owning a Power Delivery compatible device is that if you’ve lost your original Power Delivery charger, then you might wonder where to get another one from.

In this case, we’re here to review iClever 45W Power Delivery wall charger. This charger only uses a single USB-C port and nothing else, but the power output from the charger is 45W, higher than your average Power Delivery charger from a third party brand.

So let’s see what it has to offer.


Output Charging:

So this charger has just a single port, as a result, it’s best not to get this charger if you want to charge another device at the same time that you’re charging your Power Delivery device. That said, if you’re just fine with using a single port with a wall charger, then this iClever charger can very well be a great fit.

Most of the time when it comes to Power Delivery chargers from third party brands, the USB-C Power Delivery speed is 30W. This charger has a 45W charging output, and this might sound unnecessary but it can actually be very helpful. That’s because there are some Power Delivery compatible devices on the market that require more than just 30W of charging.

In the 30W range, that’s where PD compatible smartphones and some laptops like the base MacBook are able to charge at their max charging speed. However, there are more powerful Power Delivery compatible devices that require more than 30W of charging or else they won’t be able to charge.

Such as the Dell XPS 13 laptop that requires a 45W input. Another thing to consider is the break down of Amperage and Voltage levels that this charger is able to deliver.

5V/3V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 20V/2.25A

There are some Power Delivery compatible devices that require a certain combination of Voltage and Amperage to be together. Such as some Acer USB-C Power Delivery laptops that require a 20V/2.5A charging speed. As a result, this iClever Power Delivery wall charger is able to charge those Acer laptops.


Size and Weight:

Even with its powerful new standard charging, this iClever Power Delivery wall charger is still very small. It has a length/width of 2.3 inches, and the thickness of the charger is 1.1 inches. The weight of the charger is 8.2 Ounces. You can basically fit this charger into your pocket if you wanted, and it even uses a retractable AC adapter which makes the form factor a complete cube.

Functional Components:

Using this charger is as easy as it gets. It has a retractable AC adapter and once you plug the charger into an AC outlet, there’s a small Blue light that turns on above the USB-C port that indicates that the charger is ready to use. This Power Delivery charger even comes with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable so it’s all ready to use right out of the box.


Structure and Material:

The build quality of this charger is nearly one large piece and that’s because the center part of the charger doesn’t have any separate parts. While the other two ends of the charger are what makes the charger whole.


If you’re using the max output of 45W for a constant duration, the charger does tend to turn a little warm, but once the device that you’re charging is near or fully charged, charging speed goes down and the charger cools itself down too.


Just a reminder, this charger only uses a single port, and therefore you can’t charge any other devices at the same time that you’re charging your Power Delivery compatible device with it. Another thing is that it has a 45W output, this is higher than 30W, which means that you can charge a more wider range of devices. At the same time, if your device requires a charger that offers 60W of charging power, then this charger will not do.

That said, for a 45W USB-C power Delivery charger, despite its use of a single port, this charger is a great replacement if the charger that you were using had the same specs as this charger.



Charging power is higher than the average 30W that’s used with most other Power Delivery chargers.


It’s a very small charger that’s basically a cube, and it comes with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable so you can use it right out of the box.


Build quality is very good and the charger stays cool enough.


It’s a reliable Power Delivery wall charger if you don’t care for charging other devices at the same time.

Specs of the iClever 45W USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger:

  • Output:

USB-C Port: 5V-3V/3A | 9V/3A | 12V/3A | 20V/2.25A (45W)

  • Input: 100V-240V/AC
  • LED Power Indicator: Single Blue Power Indicator
  • Size: 2.3 x 2.3 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 8.2 Ounces


This iClever USB-C Power Delivery wall charger does a lot of things right, even with its use of a single USB-C Power Delivery port.

iClever 45W USB Type-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery Adapter for Nintendo Switch, Samsung Note 8, Pixel C, Nexus 5X/6P, Apple MacBook 2015/2016 and more[Contains a 6.6ft USB C TO C Cable]

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  • [Punchy, Powerful]: This 45W USB-C Wall Charger with Foldable Plug enable faster charging for more powerful devices (Faster than 30W USB-C Wall Charger), such as Apple MacBook 2015/ 2016, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Notebook and more
  • [Smart technology]: The product uses a US Cypress chips, which will provide the fastest and most efficient available current (5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V2.25A)
  • [Minimal Design, Maximum Impact]: Reduced size and beautiful tapered body make this a pocket gem you won't be able to travel without it
  • [Premium USB-C to USB-C cable]: This USB-C to USB-C cable adopts anti-aging TPE material, with a maximum charging output of 3A flowing through premium 20AWG wire. And with USB 2.0 technology that allows for full-speed data transfer both to and from your USB-C enabled devices at up to 480Mbps
  • [What You Get]: USB C 45W Wall Charger, 2M (6.6ft) USB-C to USB-C cable, 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service