Review: Jackery Air 6 Power Bank

Jackery Air 6 Power Bank











  • Very Slim and Highly Portable
  • Great Design


  • Very Low Capacity
  • Not a Very Strong Build

Slim power banks are a highly preferable alternative to even the most capable of portable chargers that are bigger.

This is because slim power banks offer a seamless experience because they’re about the size of your smartphone, lightweight and quite aesthetic. More so, they can be so portable that they can fit into your pocket along with your smartphone.

Just like everything else, though, slim power banks have their drawbacks but are perfect portable chargers for someone looking for a slim and sublime experience.

This Jackery power bank called the Jackery Air is a slim power bank that does deliver on its slim promise but it doesn’t gloat too much about its other features.

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Power Capacity:

Slim power banks generally have small capacities because they’re basically Mini power banks like the PowerCore+ Mini or the Tylt power bank. Really, the only difference is that slim portable chargers have a different design in that they are stretched out and are flat.

The Jackery Air features a 3,000mAh power capacity, but along with energy loss during charging you can expect the power bank’s real capacity to be about 2,500.

We said that slim power banks are similar to cylindrical mini power banks, but in this case, the power of the Jackery Air is just a little disappointing.

It does fit the criteria for what mini power bank’s capacity should be, which is at 3,000mAh but the energy loss puts the capacity of the power bank at an “Okay” level.

However, the cylindrical charger tends to have capacities within the 3,350 range and as a result, they’re more capable of having a higher output charging capacities. If the Jackery 6 Air had the same standard of capacity then it would be even more capable of charging a device.

Even so, this Mini power bank is meant to charge a single device and more specifically it’s mean to charge a smartphone. As tablets won’t be charged very much and along with its charging speed, it’s simply not a good idea to use this charger to charge a tablet because your experience will suffer.

However, the power bank is capable of charging many smartphones to their full capacity or at least near their full capacity. Charging an iPhone 6 with a 1,810mAh capacity will prove quite well and charge the iPhone to its full potential.

While charging something like a Galaxy S7 Edge will charge it about 3/4 of the way through.

 Jackery Air 6 Power Bank 3,000mAh
(Real Capacity - 2,500mAh)
Phone CapacityJackery Air 6 Power Bank Left Over Power Capacity After One Charge

# of Full Charges to the Device
iPhone SE2,500mAh1,624mAh876mAh

1.5 Full Charges
iPhone 62,500mAh1,810mAh690mAh

1.3 Full Charges
iPhone 6 Plus2,500mAh2,915mAh0 (You'd need 415mAh More to charge fully)
iPhone 6s2,500mAh1,715mAh785mAh

1.4 Full Charges
iPhone 6s Plus2,500mAh2,750mAh0 (You'd need 250mAh More to charge fully)
Samsung Galaxy S62,500mAh2,550mAh0 (You'd need 50mAh More to charge fully)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge2,500mAh2,600mAh0 (You'd need 100mAh More to charge fully
Samsung Galaxy S72,500mAh3,000mAh0 (You'd need 500mAh More to charge fully
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge2,500mAh3,600mAh0 (You'd need 1100mAh More to charge fully

Output Charging: 5V/1.0A

Charging speed of the portable charger is what you’d expect from such a small power bank with an output charging speed of 5V/1.0A.

It’s a common charging speed and although we’re not surprised, we really want a push for faster-charging speeds to match the portability with small power banks, like the PowerCore 5000. You can expect the power bank to recharge the device you’re charging just fast enough for you to notice but not fast enough to exceed expectations.

Input Charging: 5V/2.0A

The recharging speed of the power bank is better than the power bank with an Input speed of 5V/2.0A and as a result, you can expect the portable charger to be fully charged within 3-4 hours.

If possible, though, we’re sure the power bank would have held better quality if it were to trade charging speeds with the Input and Output.

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The same Size as a Smartphone

The most obvious aspect of the power bank is that it’s slim. The power bank’s length is 4.6 inches, a width of 2.4 inches and a thickness of 0.3 inches.

Overall its got the design the design of a smartphone and as a result, it can fit into your pocket very easily along with your smartphone if you don’t mind a little bit of tightness.

Even better, the power bank is light with a weight of 3.4 ounces. One of the best design aspects other than the charger’s slimness is that it has no sharp edges; instead, the power bank is smoothly curved all throughout its body.

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Bare to the Bones

All the functional aspects of the power bank are on a single side.

The functional parts are the Power button, the LED power indicator, USB charging output, and the Micro-USB Input.

It’s all well placed because the location of these things makes putting the power bank into your pocket and usable very real. Although it was quite strange to see a power button on the corner of a charger.

The LED power indicator is a single light that simply changes color to let you know what capacity it’s at. Here are the colors that the power indicator shows and what the colors mean regarding capacity:

  • Blue = Full
  • Green = Near Full
  • Red = Near Empty
  • Blinking Red = Very Near Empty

It’s a simple power indication system that matches the power bank’s style and with its capacity, having multiple LED lights would have been unnecessary.

Overall, the Jackery Air power bank does a great job at doing what it does best and that’s being able to be very portable and most importantly being able to fit into a pocket.

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Structure and Material

Smaller power banks tend to have a great build quality, because of their compact design and lightweight, they’re less susceptible to take damage since everything is less stretched out. This statement can be true for a power bank like the Jackery Air but only up to a certain point.

The Jackery Air 6 is made of an Aluminum casing and that’s really it.

The portable charger doesn’t have any supporting structures that can allow the power bank to take and sustain damage and as a result, the power bank is very likely to get damaged and stop working.

This kind of build quality is expected to happen with slim power banks because the main goal of the Jackery Air 6 is to be as a slim as possible and not be the best built.

Think of it as equivalent exchange; you’re able to get amazing portability but the power bank is structurally weak. Dropping this power bank is not something to be taken lightly if you still want it to be usable.


Safety tech for this power bank is apparently present, although Jackery doesn’t go into much detail about what the safety tech features.

All they’re able to touch on is that the portable charger is able to have a safety protection circuit; Which probably means that it’s able to prevent a short circuit, so you shouldn’t expect safety tech features like temperature control or current control.

Although with a power bank that only provides an output charging speed of 5V/1.0A, it doesn’t seem necessary to have the whole arsenal of safety tech.

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The Jackery Air 6 provides an optimal portable charging experience with its slimness and small dimensions, you can take this power bank nearly everywhere, no matter what situation because it’s basically like carrying a second smartphone.

Putting it into your pocket is your best bet and putting it into a bag is a very simple thing to do.

However, the power bank’s reliability is cut short when you take into account the power capacity that’s going to charge your smartphone either 1 time or near full.

It’s a perfect daily power bank that you can use at least once a day because, with an output capacity of about 2,500mAh, you can’t expect this charger to last for days. Not at all. However, if you’re living life on the go and want to be as lightweight as possible and still hold power with you then this power bank is ideal.



Power capacity for small power banks are suppose to be small but the Jackery Air 6 could have done a better job at providing a better internal capacity so that the output capacity (The capacity that you’re really getting) would be more worthwhile.

Its charging speed is what you’d expect from a mini power bank with an output of 1 Amp and an Input of 2 Amps. You can actually use this power bank up in a single day and most likely use it again in the same day because of its fast recharge rate and small capacity.


The design of the power bank is what this charger is most known for.

It’s slim and has small dimensions that make it like a smartphone. Putting it into your pocket along with your smartphone isn’t troublesome and it’s a lightweight power bank. All the functional aspect are on the side of the charger and its got quite a nifty power indicator that’s simple and useful.


The build quality of the Jackery Air 6 is “Okay” at best.

The main thing about this portable charger is that it’s meant to be as portable and lightweight as possible and as a result build quality is much of a concern.

Therefore this power bank has a rather weak structure and if you drop it you can’t expect it to work like normal. Although it does have an Aluminum case, its shock absorption ability isn’t there.

The power bank doesn’t have much safety tech other than short circuit protection but it’s a simple charger with a slow charging speed so it’s not much of a concern.


Mini power banks are meant to be used on the go and they’re meant to be used up quickly.

You can’t expect this power bank to last you for a few days or even the entire day because it’s only capable of charging most smartphones at least once to full capacity.

However its portability is nearly second to none, and it’s most reliable when you use it like it was designed; such as putting it into your pocket to charge your smartphone. Even going on a run with this charger is easy because of its lightweight design.

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Specs of the Jackery Air 6 Power Bank:

  • Capacity:                 Advertised Capacity: 3,000mAh        Output Capacity: 2,500mAh
  • Output:  5V/1.0A
  • Input: 5V/2.0A  Via Micro-USB
  • LED Power Indicators: Single LED Indicator with Color Variants
  • Size: 4.6 x 0.3 x 2.4 inches
  • Weight: 3.4 Ounces
  • Comes with an Apple Lightning Cable


The Jackery Air 6 is a great portable charger and it definitely shows what a mini power bank should be rather than just a cylindrical shape.

Its flat shape is much more usable and portable because it’s nearly the same as carrying a smartphone.

Powering capabilities of the Air 6 do fall short but when you take into account just how portable and easy to use the charger is, then you can take the power with more ease. If you’re searching for a lightweight power bank that you can with you anywhere, then the Jackery Air 6 might be what you’re looking for.