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  • Powered by GaN Tech: Uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology that makes the charger more compact, delivers more charging power, and runs cooler.
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Review: JETech Slim Wireless Charger Pad

JETech Slim Wireless Charger Pad











  • Small & Slim
  • Standard Wireless Charging Speed
  • Great Build


  • Only One Coil
  • Will charge your smartphone just Fast Enough

Wireless chargers are becoming more popular because more smartphones are being produced to be compatible with wireless charging or better known as Qi Charging.

Wireless charging offers a way of charging that requires absolutely no cables to be entered into the device that needs charging.

Instead, charging is being done in an inductive manner through coils in both the wireless charger and the smartphone itself.

This JETech product is a wireless charger that holds a small size and offers wireless charging that is meant to be highly reliable and compatible with most Qi charging compatible devices.

It’s a simple charger that still has a lot to offer in the way of wireless charging. How far can it really go?

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Wireless charging is fairly new but not to the point of not having any innovation. The JETech wireless charger is able to deliver an Output 1.0 Amp charging speed.

It’s an overall slow charging speed, we know; Remember, though Wireless charging is within another realm of charging tech and as a result, it cannot be put into the same category as wall chargers, car charger or power banks.

With that said, the charging speed of the JETech wireless charger is actually intermediate.

Most wireless chargers or rather, low-end wireless chargers have an output of 500MA which is half of an Amp; That is a very slow charging speed and those are wireless chargers that have bad powering capabilities.

If you’re searching for a wireless charger that will charge your Qi compatible smartphone just “Fast Enough”, then we recommend getting this charger. It, of course, won’t meet your charging cable speeds but it will charge it fast enough as you set your phone to let the wireless charger do the charging.

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The design of the JETech wireless charger stands out the most about the charger. Its got a such a minimalist look to it that it would look great in nearly any environment.

The small wireless charger is shaped like a circular disc that has a glass outer rim and the inner part of the wireless charger is where the charging coil is.

With a diameter of just 10 centimeters and a thickness of 10 millimeters, the wireless charger has a very low profile.  JETech has a tried to make this wireless charger as user-friendly as possible and it definitely shows in the design aspects.

The bottom part of the wireless charger has a rubber slip-proof pad that makes the charger stay where it’s placed.

On the top of the wireless charger is a rubber outlining that makes the smartphone that is placed onto the charger stay put. This way, the wireless charging is not interrupted because the device is staying in one place.

There’s a blue LED light in the center of the JETech wireless charger that turns on when something is charging on the wireless charger; Although this is a cool feature, it’s not so cool when you’re trying to sleep and the bright Blue light is lighting up your entire room.

If there’s one trade-off pertaining to design and functionality of the JETech wireless charger it’s that the charger has only 1 charging coil.

That means when a smartphone is placed onto the wireless charger it must be in the center for the charging to take place. It’s a trade-off because 1 charging coil makes the wireless charger small and compact but on the functional side, the charger has to be used in a very stringent manner on how you place your smartphone.

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It’s important to remember that just like wall chargers wireless chargers don’t have to match up to the same build standards that other, more hands-on charging devices have to.

Wireless chargers are meant to stay stationary nearly all the time and have a smartphone laid upon them to charge.

The JETech wireless charger is circular. It has a glass edge and the inner part is where the actually charging takes place.

To have to worry about the physical strength of it is quite unnecessary because you won’t carry it around with you.

However, for travel reasons, we recommend wrapping the wireless charger, just in case there’s a chance of it getting damaged.

The rubber soles at the bottom on the of the charger won’t come off very easily because they’re extremely slim and more inverted into the wireless charger. The same goes for the top, as the rubber holding ring at the top is structurally strong and short studded.

Small and sturdy.


The wireless charger gives the bare necessities for what a good wireless charger can give. It has the capabilities to charge Qi-compatible devices when they’re placed on the wireless charger.

If you don’t find yourself using your smartphone, then laying it in a position where it will charge on the wireless charger is easy.

However, a wireless charger is most conveniently used when the user is sleeping, and in this case, maybe the wireless charger isn’t such a simple choice; With its bright LED blue lighting that is very bright in a dark room.

The JETech wireless charger is able to provide an intermediate charging experience that is to be expected from a modern wireless charger, so it’ll get the charging job done well enough. It’s a reliable charger when you need it.

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Wireless chargers don’t have the same charging power capabilities that charging electronics like power banks or wall chargers have.

With that said, the JETech wireless charger is able to provide enough charging power of 1.0A to charge your Qi compatible devices fast enough by using a 2.0A Wall charger or higher.


The design of the Aliun wireless charger is bound to blend into nearly any surrounding and look fantastic.

Functional designs such as the bottom placement pads prevent the wireless charger from sliding.

There’s also a rubber ring around the wireless charger on the topside that makes the devices that you put on the wireless charger stay put.

The main design flaw is the LED Blue light that comes from within the wireless charger. Wireless chargers are mostly used when you’re sleeping and the blue light is very bright which can make it difficult to sleep.


The build quality of the JETech Wireless charger is great. All the components feel very well put together.

The bottom placement studs are strong and inserted heavily into the wireless charger so they don’t fall out. The top stud ring is short but holds devices in place. One would think the outer rim of glass would be a structural weakness but it’s actually very resilient and thick that it won’t break.


JETech has created a wireless charger that will charge your compatible smartphones without any wires going into it.

It provides a relatively fast charge and design choices that are very welcomed.

Expect for the LED charging light that is rather obtrusive. It’s a great wireless charger that holds simplicity tight and as a result, allows you to rely on it for common use.

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Specs of the JETech Slim Wireless Charger Pad:

  • Output: 5V/1A
  • Input: 5V/2A
  • LED Power Indicator: Blue LED in the center of the Wireless charger
  • Size: 3.9 x 3.9 x 0.4 inches
  • Weight: 0.3 Ounces
  • Comes with a 2.6 Foot Micro-USB Cable


JETech wireless charger is an intermediary powerful charger that will charge your smartphone just fast enough to reach your charging speed expectations. Its mostly got the right design choices down with studs to hold the wireless charger itself and the devices placed on it. It’s a slim charger that’ll look good anywhere, except for the dark because the bright LED Blue charging light may prevent you from falling asleep. The tightly put together components all come together to give you a good wireless charger that is a great choice for those looking to want wireless charging capabilities in their lives.

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