The Worst Scenarios to Have Low Capacity Battery Power

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There are times when we have everything ready to go, those are times of bliss. Then are there are times when we don’t have everything put together. In this case, we’re talking about battery power for devices that you depend on in certain situations. Within these scenarios, you want to make sure that your devices are charged and ready to go or else you’ll be filled with regret and anxiety as your dependence disappears because the device has died.

These are situations where charging can make or break your experience.

#1: Going to the Gym



Whether you just got into the routine of becoming fit or you’ve been hitting the iron for quite some time now, you need your electronics charged when you’re in the gym.

If you use Bluetooth headsets for listening to music like the HBS series from LG, then charging them and headsets alike are mandatory. Going into the gym for any kind of workout, you want to be pumped for it and motivated enough to get through it. That’s what your music accomplishes. Your headset dying and your music no longer playing, is going to leave you with the bland gym music and the screaming guy that yells every time he lifts his weights.

Not only is your headset in danger of making your workout go downhill but your smartphone, the device that it’s being played from should be charged as well; Because if your smartphone dies, then you’re stuck in the same situation without any music and without any motivation to power through your workout.

Solution: Charge your headset overnight. When you’re sleeping, you’re not using your headset at all, so charge while you sleep so you can use it for the entirety of the next day.

If your smartphone is low on charge while at the gym, then we recommend a power bank. A small one should suffice because you need something that isn’t going to get in the way or break.

What we recommend:

#2: Road Trip / Going to an Unknown Place

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If your going someplace that you don’t know very well, then your best guide is your phone. If you want to know the nearest gas station or where on earth your destination is, then that’s where you smartphone is going to come in and guide you.

You may charge your smartphone or your GPS navigation device to 100% before you got into the car but remember that using applications like Google Maps require a lot of battery power and if you’re going on a very long trip, then 100% may go down to 0% quickly. If your navigation device does die, your stuck and have no idea where to go. It’s 2016, you most likely don’t have a physical map within your car. You could just take a exit and ask someone for directions but how much would that really help?

The end result is that you’re stuck without any direction of where to go and dependent on the people around you. It’s not bad to be dependent on the electronic device that you were using to guide you but forgetting the dependence of energy that the device needs, is what led to it dying.

Solution: Keep a car charger within all your cars at all times. A car charger is the best charging device that you can have within your vehicle. Always having a car charger and charging cable connected to the car charger to ensure that you no longer have to worry about becoming lost because your device lost charge. Getting a quality car charger is very important because you want your devices charged and not just stabilized at a certain point of power.

We Recommend:

#3: In the Outdoors

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The outdoors is a great place to be and a vital place to have great power banks as mentioned here.

Although the outdoors is a great place to be when you want to relax, it can become a dangerous place if your electronic gear is not charged and ready to be used.

When you’re in the outdoors: Going hiking, camping or biking it’s important to have your smartphone charged because in case of an emergency, you may have to call for help. If your device is dead and you can’t move because your injured, then the best thing to do is to just stay put or if possible, trek back where you came from. Staying in the same spot will most likely make it easier for someone to find you because that’s where your last location is.

Other devices that would prove useful if they are charged is a rechargeable flashlight. If you’re out camping, and it’s getting dark, then using a flashlight to scope out your surrounding is the best device to use. Or if your stuck in a location at night, flashing a flashlight at night would be a great way to alert people of your whereabouts.

However, if your electronics are dead, then the outdoors become a place that should not be taken too lightly. Always remember, nature is not constructed with humans in mind, nature is simply the way it is and does not conform to our needs and neither do the animals within it. How do you stay safe and secure when you enter the wild?

Solution: If you’re going into the outdoors for about a day’s time, then we recommend a small power bank. However, if your going for a long period of time, then we recommend something of higher capacity and with multiple charging ports.

Take a look of our RAVPower Rugged power bank review. It’s a power bank that was made with nature in mind.

#4: Paper Due in a Few Hours

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So you’ve procrastinated on that research paper assignment that your professor assigned to you 2 weeks ago and now you’re rushing to complete it before the submitting deadline on Blackboard. It’s time to batten down the anchors, open the 20 tabs for scholarly sources and type at the speed of light.

You’re at the library because it’s the best place to be to get work done without any distractions, you did that right but you forgot that your battery depletes very quickly, you don’t have your wall charger with you and suddenly your laptop dies without saving your work.

Gone are all the cited source. Gone are all the filler words to reach the word count quota. Gone is all the time and energy that went into the paper. You now have to start all over.

Solution: First thing, always make sure that auto save is on with the program that you’re writing your paper with. Second thing is to make sure that you’re near a wall outlet and that you have your wall charger and laptop charger with you. If you’re not near a wall outlet because people have already claimed those outlets, then make sure you have a power bank that is able to charge your laptop. A power bank will allow you to sit where you are and charge your laptop.

Power banks that can keep up with Laptops:

#5: Using your Device Normally

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The most important times that we use our electronics devices are not marked to be important but it’s the moments that we use our devices normally are the times that we take for granted the most.

Whether we’re using our smartphones to take picture of our pets, texting someone or looking something up on Google, it’s the small actions that are the most important to have a charged device. These mini scenarios accumulate into one whole big experience of how we use our devices. If your smartphone is constantly at a low battery power, and you constantly have to charge it with a wall charge and stay near the wall charger to use your phone, then the best solution is to user a power bank, because then you’ll be free to use your phone and still be mobile.

The small experiences make the experience whole. If your device isn’t charged well enough for the actions that you want to take, then it’ll be one mini bad scenario after the next to sum it all into one big very bad scenario of having a low battery capacity.

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