What’s a Power Bank / Portable Battery Charger?

When you’re on the go and without an outlet nearby and your phone always in use, the problem of having low battery power is always present. Even with today’s newest smartphones boasting large capacity batteries, the ultimate fate of a phone being heavily used is for the battery to die out and rendering the phone … Full Post

What are USB Wall Chargers?

Chargers come in many different sizes and provide different technologies but one of the most used types of chargers is the USB Wall Charger. Why is the Wall Charger so commonly used? It’s because of the versatility behind the charger. USB Wall Chargers will usually have many variants with plenty of USB ports for charging … Full Post

What is Qualcomm Quick Charge?

  Whether you’ve been in the charging space for a long time, have never heard of Quick Charge and would like to know what it is or may you just stumbled here by accident; It’s important to know about Quick Charge technology. Quick Charge technology is a somewhat of a new technology but it’s being … Full Post

What is Power IQ / Ai Power / Smart Technology / VoltiQ / iSmart 2.0 Charging?

It’s difficult to understand what is meant by some lingo or the features behind the special technology that companies produce but to know what it all means is important because you’re then able to make a better-educated choice for the product that you want. Many charging companies these days are taking the Charging technology space … Full Post

Charging Cables

  Charging Cables are the basic tools when it comes to not only charging but overall how you want to use a device. Charging cables are also known to be syncing devices, with the ability to connect your device to another device allows for the sharing of information. Cables are very portable as well and … Full Post

Why Choosing the Best Charger is Important

You most likely use a smartphone and when you’ve got a smartphone, there’s one very integral part of having one and that’s the charging aspect of it. Even if you don’t use a smartphone then you more than likely use a device that requires charging and charging is something that nearly every device nowadays requires. … Full Post