Best HP Chromebook 14 chargers in 2023

As powerful and easily portable as laptops are nowadays, one of the most useful features is USB-C charging. USB-C charging has enabled the ability to use the same charger to charge your phone and your laptop. The HP Chromebook 14 has a charger in the box, but it can be limited to only charging a … Full Post

Best Power Banks for Pixel 7 Pro in 2023

The Google Pixel 7 is a powerful phone with a large battery, but it has such a large battery to keep up with its high-end specs. If you run out of power while you’re going through your day, or perhaps you’re traveling, always on the move, and want a charger to keep your Pixel 7 … Full Post

Best Chargers for Acer Swift 14 in 2023

The Acer Swift 14 is a decent upgrade to the previous Acer Swift 5, with a few spec bumps that can be useful for those looking for a capable work laptop. The battery is the one part that hasn’t improved as much as consumers would like, and because of that, you may find the battery … Full Post

Best Chargers for Lenovo Legion Go in 2023

The Lenovo Legion Go is another competitor in the portable gaming space, and it’s a welcome one. More competitors mean that consumers get better products and lower prices. Of course, it’ll take some time, but it will get there. One of the most known things about high-end portable gaming consoles is that they use a … Full Post

INIU Magnetic Wireless 20W PD Power Bank Review

If you have an iPhone 12 or newer, you may or may not know that your iPhone features MagSafe; this is a magnetic wireless charging feature where you can magnetically attach a charger to the back of your phone. Of course, the charger you use must also feature MagSafe for the magnetic feature to work. … Full Post

UGREEN Magnetic 10,000mAh 20W PD Power Bank Review

Wireless charging power banks can be reliable if you don’t have a cable. However, they can be one of the best power banks you can own if you have a MagSafe-compatible iPhone. Being able to magnetically attach the power bank to the back of your phone is an excellent design feature because the power bank … Full Post

Best Chargers for iPhone 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max in 2023

It’s another year, and with that, we get another iPhone; in this case, it’s the iPhone 15. How should I describe it? It’s fantastic, amazing, incredible, cutting-edge! Right? Well, it’s also basically the same phone for the past few years. If someone hasn’t told you, I will; phones have reached their peak, and it’s just … Full Post

Power Stations Better than a Jackery

Okay, so Jackery is the Apple of power stations, well, kind of. They are a leading brand in the electrical portable power source market, and because of that, many people trust them; however, that does not mean they offer the best products. At this point, Jackery has many power stations, which may range from high … Full Post