Best Chargers for Samsung Galaxy A14 in 2024

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2023)

Budget smartphones are a solid choice if you’re not keen on spending $500+ on top-tier models. While they might lag slightly in performance, screen quality, and camera clarity, they remain dependable. Notably, you’re in good hands if you opt for a budget phone from a reputable brand like Samsung.

I’ve selected a few chargers to consider for those using the Samsung Galaxy A14, a straightforward yet efficient phone. These will ensure your phone charges at its best speed.

VOLTME 30W 2 Port USB-C Wall Charger

The VOLTME 30W wall charger has two USB-C ports and can output up to 30W. When charging just one device, like the Galaxy A14, it can use the full 30W for fast charging, as the A14 only needs 15W to fast charge. If you charge two devices at once, each gets 15W, which will charge the A14 at a standard rate. The charger is compact, measuring only 1 inch, and features a foldable plug. Read my full review of the VOLTME 30W charger, or watch my video review.


UGREEN 45W Dual USB-C GaN Charger

The UGREEN 45W charger is perfect for those looking for a dual USB-C option. It can output a total of 45W, letting you fast charge your Galaxy A14 and another device at the same time. If used for a single device, it provides the full 45W, suitable for charging laptops or fast charging your A14. When two devices are plugged in, one port gives 25W (to the first device connected), and the other provides 20W, ensuring your A14 still charges quickly. Read my review of the UGREEN Nexode 45W charger or my video review of the UGREEN 45W charger.

AOHI 40W MagCube Dual USB-C Charger

The AOHI Magcube 40W charger, akin to the UGREEN charger, offers a 40W maximum output. If you’re charging just one device, it delivers the entire 40W. For two devices, the 40W is split between them. To fast charge your A14, plug it in first. The design of this charger is distinct: it’s slim, the charging ports are located at the bottom, and it features an LED light indicating the charging status. Read my review of the AOHI 40W charger, or you can watch my video review of the AOHI 40W charger.

AOHI 30W MagCube USB-C Charger

If you’re searching for a single port type of charger that you can use only to charge your Galaxy A14, then this AOHI 30W Magcube charger is reliable. The charger only has a single port that outputs 30W, so it will fast charge your A14, and it can fast charge other phones, tablets, and some laptops. The charger is also tiny. Read my full review of the AOHI 30W charger to see some testing.

Baseus 30W 2 Port PD Charger

One other wall charger I wanted to recommend would be Baseus 30W 2 port charger. The charger has a USB-C and USB-A port. The USB-C port outputs 18W, and the USB-A port outputs 12W; the max output of the charger is 30W. So you can fast charge your Galaxy A14 while charging another device from the USB-A port. Read my full review of the Baseus SuperSi 30W charger.

iWalk LinkPod USB-C Mini Power Bank

A power bank to charge your A14 with would be convenient; you will need a small one. This iWalk LinkPod power bank is very small, with a USB-C connector that lets you plug the power bank directly into your Galaxy A14. Also, the output charging is 18W, so you can fast charge your A14.

To recharge this power bank, use the USB-C connector directly with a wall charger or recharge it via its USB-C port. Read my full review of iWalk LinkPod power bank, or watch my video review.

INIU 10,000mAh USB-C Mini Power Bank

One other power bank I wanted to recommend was this INIU 10,000mAh USB-C power bank. This is a plain power bank with a 10,000mAh capacity and a 15W output. The power bank has special cables that let you store a cable in the power bank. One of the cables is a USB-C to USB-C cable, and with a 15W output, you can still fast charge your A14. Read my full review of the INIU B2 power bank, or watch my video review of it.

UGREEN 30W USB-C Car Charger

Fast charging your Galaxy A14 in your car while driving can be done with this UGREEN car charger. This car charger has a 30W max output, and you can use the full 30W if you’re charging only from the USB-C port. Charging two devices simultaneously results in standard charging from the car charger. The charger is tiny and barely noticeable once you plug it into your car socket outlet. Read my full review of the UGREEN 30W charger, or watch my video review.

Final thoughts about chargers for Galaxy A14

The charger you choose for your Galaxy A14 can be simple, which is excellent because you won’t be spending much money. The UGREEN 45W charger is my favorite because it enables you to charge laptops and phones. If you’re curious to know what chargers would be a good match for higher-end Samsung phones, look at my charger guide for the Samsung Galaxy S23 and my power bank guide for the Galaxy S23.

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