The Best Electronics Gifting Guide

Gifting is a fragile subject because it’s an action that requires a lot of planning. When you’re going to gift someone something, the gift must pertain to the person that you’re giving it to in some way. To give someone a great gift, you should know their interests, and if you don’t know anything about … Full Post

What’s the difference between Lithium Ion & Lithium Polymer

There are two main battery types that you’ve probably heard of. One being Lithium Polymer and the other being Lithium Ion. Many devices use either, but what’s the difference between the two battery types, and should you really care what battery your device has? Lithium Polymer Lithium Polymer is the more flexible battery type, meaning … Full Post

The Best Reasons To Buy Products From Online

When you go into a retail store, and you’re looking at what you want to get, you’re going to notice something that is missing. Options. Retail stores really lack the options for the products they sell and this is a major reason why retail stores are becoming a thing of the past. Let’s say that … Full Post

What are Car Chargers?

When you’re on the go in your car, no portable charger with you and your phone is low on battery power, there’s really only one ideal way to charge your phone and it’s a car charger. Car chargers are a must if you drive a lot or simply need your phone charged when you’re driving. … Full Post

What are Battery Cases?

Well, you know what a phone case is, it’s a case that goes onto a smartphone to protect it from damage. A Battery case is a phone case that charges your phone. A battery case is able to charge a phone because all it is, is a portable charger that is in the form of … Full Post

What are USB Wall Chargers?

Chargers come in many different sizes and provide different technologies but one of the most used types of chargers is the USB Wall Charger. Why is the Wall Charger so commonly used? It’s because of the versatility behind the charger. USB Wall Chargers will usually have many variants with plenty of USB ports for charging … Full Post

What is Power IQ / Ai Power / Smart Technology / VoltiQ / iSmart 2.0 Charging?

It’s difficult to understand what is meant by some lingo or the features behind the special technology that companies produce but to know what it all means is important because you’re then able to make a better-educated choice for the product that you want. Many charging companies these days are taking the Charging technology space … Full Post

Charging Cables

  Charging Cables are the basic tools when it comes to not only charging but overall how you want to use a device. Charging cables are also known to be syncing devices, with the ability to connect your device to another device allows for the sharing of information. Cables are very portable as well and … Full Post